Heart of an Athlete

The Shark’s heat is very similar to the human heart in how it works, but it is laid out a bit differently. Like a human it has a four chambered heart but the components are the sinous venosusauricle, ventricle, and the conus arteriosus.  Shown in the picture below.

The Heat located behind the gills, pumps the oxygen blood collected there throughout the body into working tissues, like the human SA &VA node , the sinous venosus controls the heart contractions. The Auricle is like our atriums which collect the blood in its chamber. When the blood reaches the ventricle in a white shark, its thick muscle walls squeeze the blood into vessels that are carried throughout the body contains capillaries and veins, making a pass through the gills to collect oygen and back to the heart. It is unsure what the conus arterious ‘s function is in the heart, but it’s structure suggest that it prevents backflow of blood into the heart.

Work Cited : Martin. A. M. Heart of an Athlete. Retrieved From: http://www.elasmo-research.org/education/white_shark/heart.htm


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