The Constant Mover

As in my previous post, we know that sharks move by moving their tail ( anal and caudal) from side to side pushing the shark forward. They do not stop because the way they breathe is through gills which need constant water flow to pick up oxygen into the blood stream. It is for this reason that the Great White Shark cannot live in captivity, or stop for long period of time. The Great White Shark has no ability to back up or reverse, it constantly moves forward. It can turn around, which it often does while circling it’s prey. This leads to why it needs to move quickly, it hunts. This style of movement is ideal for a predator because it allows for sharp turns and bursts of speed. In leisure it swims 1-2 miles per hour but on the hunt or in the need for speed it can reach up to 35 miles per hour(in short bursts). Man oh man, humans can only swim up to 25 miles per hour on average. Its a good thing we’re not their top choice of food.

Work Cited: Harris. T.H. Great White Sharks and More. Retrieved From:



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