White Sharks are interesting because they do not just lay eggs and let them hatch, nor are they just born. White Shark pups develop by a method called ovoviviparous. Ovoviviparous is where the white shark pups are developing in eggs where they receive nutrients from the yolk, the strange thing is, they are still inside their mother’s uterus when they hatch. This is also referred to as Aplacental Viviparity.  While still inside the mother, the pups survive by feeding on unfertilized eggs and embryos, this is known as oophagy. The pups are born soon after hatching in litters from 2 – 10 pups. There can be 17! They are 1-1.5 m at birth and males reach sexual maturity after 9-10 years (3.5-4.1 m in length) and females take 14-16 years (4-5m in length). Females take about a year to get pregnant again. There is little to nothing known about white shark conversation but judging by scars on the females fins, it is suggested that the male bites the females fins during insemination so that they are still.

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