Top of the Food Chain, or NOT.

The decreasing population of the Great White Shark, has long surpassed. This species is now on the endangered species list in many of its habitat locations. Since white sharks are at the top of the marine food chain, then the only answer for the decline of a species that has been around since before dinosaurs is one thing, humans. We constantly snare sharks in tuna nets, but the worst of them all is finning. The Sharks fin is a delicacy in China as it adds texture and flavour to soup, therefore, the Fins of a shark are marketable. This has caused the decrease in population in many sharks, including the great white shark. This action may be done by humans, but it sure is inhumane. Fisherman use the practice of live-finning which means they bait a shark in, capture it, and cut off their fins and then throw it back into the ocean. There is nothing the shark can do now but sink to the bottom and die, especially Great Whites as they need to move to breathe. There as been laws and banning finning the shark as the full carcass is not being used, but many poachers still get away with it, the price is just too much to give up.

Work Cited:      Mackay. S.M. (1/11/97). Shark Case. Retrieved From:


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