The Roaming Fish’ Migration &Locations


Description of Whereabouts

“The great white shark is found mostly in temperate seas throughout the world’s oceans. It makes infrequent visits to cold waters and has been recorded off Alaska and Canada.

Great whites can be found along the coastlines of South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, California to Alaska, the east coast of USA and the Gulf coast, Hawaii, most of South America, the Mediterranean Sea, West Africa to Scandinavia, Japan and the eastern coastline of China and southern Russia.The  great white shark lives mainly in the upper part of the water column, near the shore. However, it ranges from the surf line to well offshore and from the surface and to depths of over 250m (775ft). This shark commonly patrols small coastal islands inhabited by pinnipeds (seals, sea lions and walruses), offshore reefs, banks and rocky headlands where there is deepwater close to shore. The white shark usually cruises either just off the bottom or near the surface.”    

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As we all know, Sharks live in the deep blue ocean, and often in a wide spread. They have the longest migration pattern recorded going from the cost of Hawaii, to the Cost of California, then South Africa and/or Australia. All these areas have in common a warmer water temperature in the ocean, and are plentiful in small fish.

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